2024 GDPR & Cybersecurity Epic Bundle

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Welcome to the 2024 Epic Bundle featuring 8 digital products from www.booleanlogical.com worth over £110 ($140) at less than half price.

Cyber security and data protection is an ongoing process, there are no silver bullets, no quick fixes. This bundle (if you read it and fill out the templates) gives you a massive head start in protecting your business and a good foundation to pursue security certifications like Cyber Essentials and ISO 27001. There is work to do, quite a bit to read and questions only you can answer that relate to your business.

Work out your risks, address Shadow IT and general IT security management using our easy to use, colour coded spreadsheet templates for GDPR Data Classification & Cyber Security, IT Assets and User Permissions Tracking. The bundle also includes five eBooks on Cyber Security and Data Protection.

Meeting the GDPR data protection requirements puts you in a good position, regardless where in the world you are based. The law firm Fieldfisher states ‘The GDPR is one of the most comprehensive data protection laws in the world and provides an overarching framework for the processing of personal data in the EU.’ See:

Bundle includes:
GDPR Data Classification & Cyber Security Template (£49.99)
Cyber Essentials IT Asset Template (£29.99)
Internet Security Fundamentals (£7.99)
A Practical Guide to GDPR for Small Businesses (£7.99)
A Practical Guide to Cyber Security for Small Businesses (£7.99)
Conquer the Web - The Ultimate Cyber Security Guide (£7.49)
User Permissions Tracker - Standalone (free)
Grow and Evolve Your Business (free)

For more information see: www.booleanlogical.com

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2024 GDPR & Cybersecurity Epic Bundle

0 ratings
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